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KOBE 8 MAY 2019

Byakugo-ji Temple Wisteria Festival

Surrounded by seasonal trees and flowers, Byakugo-ji Temple looks like a garden but is an old temple in Tamba City with 1300 years of history.

Every year from the beginning to the middle of May, Byakugo-ji Wisteria Festival is held at the best time to see these flowers.

The flowers have very long clusters, and often called 'kushaku-fuji', meaning 120cm-long wisteria. The way they bend down just like a waterfall is breathtaking. At night with the lights, it creates such a contrasting image from the daytime. 


From May 8th 2019,


¥ 300 for Adults


Byakugo-ji, Tanba city, Hyogo prefecture

Byakugo-ji Temple Wisteria Festival