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NAGOYA 18 SEP 2017

Haunted House in Yabacho 2017

A returning summer favorite, the Yabacho haunted house has a new theme every year. This year it is: The Restaurant of Cut Tongues.

While definitely not recommended for the faint of heart, or families with children that are not quite ready for horror, this haunted house is sure to give you the chills in the Nagoya summer heat.



Sachiko's father was a happy cook who could do miracles with any ingredient you gave him. Even the most difficult ingredients were a breeze for him. But after repeated divorce and family members passing away one at a time, Sachiko was the only one left who could take care of him. At his deathbed, he presented Sachiko with a single silver spoon. He touched it to his tongue and told Sachiko that with this, she could inherit his cooking ability, so it would live on for another generation.

In order to pursue her dream of having her own restaurant, she needed funds. A certain Mr. Goda made her dream of becoming a succesful chef come true. After a year the restaurant was a big success, and Mr. Goda proposed to Sachiko. She was taken aback; Mr. Goda brought his lover to the restaurant every single week. He insisted that he had tried to break up with her many times, but to no avail. He pulled out a vial, and asked Sachiko to mix the contents into his lover's food little by little every week. Remembering her father's lonely death, she hesitantly put the vial into her pocket.

Cooking these deathly dishes every week made Sachiko feel like she was betraying her father... When she learned that Mr. Goda's lover passed away, she became depressed.

To make it up to her, Mr. Goda offered to cook for her. He presented her with a delicious looking steak. Already cut up into thin slices, the hungry Sachiko couldn't help but dig right in. The taste of the rare steak was superb, but after the third piece she felt a fierce pain, and when she opened her mouth a river of blood came gushing out. 

Mr. Goda explained:

”The tongue has two purposes, you see. The first is to taste... The second is to speak. And I can't have you going around speaking about what we've done."

He had hidden countless razor blades between the slices of meat, and with that explanation left Sachiko there, forever unable to speak and unable to taste her beloved cooking.

The customers stopped coming to the restaurant, and Sachiko died a lonely death...

To this day, you can sometimes still detect the inviting smell wafting out of the ruined restaurant, but don't go in! Sachiko may serve you a dish that will haunt you forever...




Please leave your luggage with the staff.

Don't use any kind of flashlight, and don't take photos or video.

Don't touch the staff/actors.

Don't run, but keep walking.

Do not carry your children.

In the last room, you will find a spoon. Please use it to touch Sachiko's tongue.





With a walk through time of about 10 minutes depending on how brave you are, its 1,000 yen price for adults is more than reasonable. Simply purchase a ticket from the vending machine around the corner. An additional 400 yen will get you a fast pass in case you want to skip listening to the screams, and go right in...

Only until September 18th!

Weekdays: 16:00-20:00

Weekends: 11:00 - 20:00

〒460-0011 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku, Ōsu, 3 Chome−6

Official website here.