Rental Procedure

1.  Inquiry

After searching for properties on, contact us by phone or email and one of our bilingual real estate experts will work with you to ensure that we know your needs in detail by conducting a needs analysis.  Don't know exactly what you are looking for or what area is best for you?  Not a problem, we are happy to work with you to help identify your needs and to focus your housing search. In addition to arranging viewings of properties that you have selected from our website, we will suggest other similar properties based on your unique needs.

 2.  Viewing

One of our bilingual real estate professionals will pick you up or meet you at the agreed upon meeting place.  In most instances we will be traveling by vehicle to view properties.  As we aim to understand your exact needs prior to arranging viewings are goal is to spend time viewing only properties that are suitable to your specific needs.  Please note that when viewing properties you will need to remove your shoes so we suggest wearing shoes that are easy to remove and put on.  We also suggest that you dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather.

3.  Application

Once you decide on a property, contact your real estate professional to inform them of your decision. An application will be completed and sent to the owner or management company to secure the property.  Please note that the application secures the property so there is a chance that the property may be taken from the time that you viewed the property and the time that the application was submitted.  For that reason we suggest confirming your decision as soon as possible, especially in fast pace markets and during busy periods.  The application is a formal intent to rent the property but it is not a legal lease binding you to the property.  If there are any requests or negotiations required, please ensure that they are communicated to your real estate professional so they may include them with the application.  Copies of picture pages of passports and/or resident card copies or scans are generally required as part of the application process.  In general the application screening process takes 1-5 business days once all requested documentation has been received.

4.  Lease Signing & Initial Payment

Once the application has been approved, Japan Home Finder will work with the owner or management company to create lease drafts.  Prior to sending them for review Japan Home Finder will review them to look for irregular clauses, terms or conditions that might be problematic and negotiate them when possible.

After the contract terms have been agreed upon by all parties the leases will be sent out for signing along with the initial invoice for payment.  In Japan there are two legal documents, the lease agreement and the contract summary.  Both documents will be in Japanese and when available English versions of the documents will be provided.  The Japanese version of documents will be the prevailing legal versions.  Payments will need to be received prior to the contract start date and under no circumstances will the owner or management company hand over the keys prior to receiving payment.

5.  Move-in

Prior to moving in Japan Home Finder will make arrangements for the gas, water and electricity to be connected.  Connection of the internet and pay TV will be the responsibility of the tenant.  On the move-in day we will meet you at your new property to hand over the keys and to conduct a thorough property inspection to catalog the condition of the property as well as note any pre-existing damage to ensure the maximum return of deposits.

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