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Hiroshima is located in the Chugoku region of Japan and sits on the Seto Inland Sea. The prefecture includes many small islands and faces Shikoku, the smallest of Japan's four main islands. With a population almost reaching 3 million, Hiroshima is the 12th highest populated prefecture in Japan and is considered by many to maintain a wonderful balance of city and country. Hiroshima is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites and is a highly recommended city to live in. 

 Naka Ward

Naka-ku (Literally, Central Ward) is located at the heart of Hiroshima Prefecture. Naka-Ku is home to many of Hiroshima’s many attractions including the business district and the Peace Memorial Park. Other attractions include the Hondori Shopping Arcade, an outdoor covered shopping area. Naka-ku is known to many as downtown and is a great place to go shopping, get a drink, or have a nice meal.  

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Kamiyacho Town
Kamiyacho Town is located near the Hiroshima Prefectural Office and is a very busy part of Hiroshima City. The town offers many different fun places to shop and is a great place to spend the weekend.

Otemachi Town
Otemachi Town is located in the heart of Naka-Ward and famous for its Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The park is a designated UNESCO Heritage Site and is a Iconic part of world history.  

Higashi Hiroshima

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Minami Ward

Minami-ku (Literally, South Ward) can be found directly next to Naka-ku and is considered to be a slightly better place to look for residential properties than the Central Ward. Here you can find Hiroshima’s Zoom Zoom Stadium as well as Hiroshima’s only Costco.

Places of Interest

Akifuchu Town
Just outside of Minami-Ku, Akifuchu is home to the Mazda Car’s Headquarters, main factories and Museum. If you are a car lover or have kids, the Mazda Museum is a great place to spend a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

Matsubara Town
Matsubara Town is located in the center of Minami-ward and is home to Hiroshima Station.  Hiroshima Station is the terminal station for several lines, and all Sanyō Shinkansen trains stop here.


Nishi Hiroshima

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Saeki-ku Hiroshima

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